The emporiaCONNECT from emporia is the first mobile telephone for senior citizens that is not only easy to operate but comes with relevant services pre-installed, including a simple orientation feature, appointment reminders, weather and memory training. The emporiaCONNECT is the first device that is compatible with the emporiaME smartphone app, which makes it easy for children or grandchildren to modify the settings remotely. Telephone numbers, appointments and reminders can be uploaded from the app right into the emporia mobile phone. You can also use the app to share photo albums and view them together. To do so, you must use the smartphone to choose an album and share it through a cloud with the emporia phone. Then you can set up a telephone connection and browse the album together. The emporiaCONNECT contains high-quality components; the keys are clearly labeled and have a very good pressure point. The customized display makes use of the maximum width for optimal type size and legibility. The high-contrast display is easy to read.

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