Fakir 1805

Although it bears a mundane name – the vacuum cleaner is simply called Fakir 1805 – you should not underestimate this household helper, which nearly looks like a ball on wheels. The seven kilogramme heavy casing hides a full-fledged filter bag made of five-layered micro fleece, being able to keep up to 4.5 litres of dry dirt. With its 700 W strong motor, it reaches the efficiency class A on all surfaces. As soon as its telescopic tube is brought into a parking position, the Fakir 1805 automatically switches off, thus saving energy. The casing runs on four rubberized soft wheels, which are especially made to protect hard surfaces. The suction power can be adjusted at the vacuum cleaner itself or at the handle.

+ Energy efficiency class A
+ Ball design hides high performance
+ Automatic stop function in parking position

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