Fakir Luminoso Smart

The air purifier Luminoso Smart from Fakir is a compact purifier with HEPA H14 filter and ion technology. The unique 6-fold filter technology achieves a filtration rate of 99.995% and removes pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, pollen, areosols, dust, gases and odors contained in the air. UVC lamp in connection with TiO2 filter for photocatalytic disinfection, with effective filtering and inactivation of viruses, bacteria, allergens, odors and organic compounds. Control via WIFI-SMART-APP, LED display and remote control possible. This device is characterized by high quality, slim design and easy operation.

+ Cleaner with HEPA H14 filter
+ 6-way filter technology
+ photocatalytic disinfection
+ Control via WIFI-SMART-APP

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