The lawn mower garage FeBroLift from the brand of the same name is a product, which distinguishes itself by innovation, high quality, ease of use and functionality. The FeBroLift is special because it is an underground garage. After use, the robot lawn mower moves into the garage, which automatically lifts down. Thus, it does not only protect the lawn mower against being stolen or being exposed to the weather, it also does not interfere with the garden design. Water which runs into the garage is directly led away through the drainage to protect the lawn mower against humidity. If – for example during a thunderstorm – too much water runs into the garage, it automatically moves upwards to protect the lawn mower against any damage. An integrated aeration works as air conditioning of the system. Operation works with the remote control (which is part of the delivery package) or via smart phone app for Android or iOS. The FeBroLift is suitable for any robot model; it can also be installed in gardens where a robot is already at work.

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