The smoke detector ST-630 with W-2 radio module is an innovative product, which also scores with High Quality, Ease of Use, Functionality and Ecology. Its speciality: The ST-630 DET works with a thermo-optical detection system. The Thermoptik technology analysis the development of the smoke and the temperature curve. This way, it can securely detect smouldering fires and rapid fire developments. In addition, the ST-630-DET features two thermos sensors in addition to the optical smoke chamber. The test / mute button can be activated from the floor, an important element for the ease of use. Thanks to the integrated radio module, the user can establish communication between several detectors; this enlarges the functional area and the security. Via an App, alarms can be distributed to a pre-defined range of users. The ST-630-DET features an integrated lithium long-life battery, which doesn’t need to be exchanged.

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