„Giraffe“, that’s the name of the new angle grinder by FLEX, which can be used without fatigue also in high rooms. The GE 5 R is equipped with an especially flexible circular grinding head with edge segment. This enables a nearly dust-free grinding of surface areas and edges on walls and ceilings in only one single process. Thanks to the toollessly mountable extension module, the device is very flexible. It is easy to handle and extends the working height for high rooms another 50 cm. The GE 5 and GE 5 R have been designed for professional use. Thus, all components have been manufactured for a long lifetime. Motor and housing parts have been optimized for stability and weight with the help of FEM stress simulation. Power transmission is securely done by the flexible drive shaft. The proven “FLEX” technology reduces the weight at the head of the Giraffe to a minimum. This makes handling easier.

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