The portafilter espresso machine Design Espresso Advanced Barista from Gastroback is programmable and is suitable for freshly ground coffee beans, coffee powder or pads. The machine is only made of high-end materials. Its core is a professional Italian ULKA espresso pump with 15 bar pressure as well as the thermo-block heating system, which heats up the machine in a maximum of 1.5 minutes. The design with the massive body of brushed stainless steel is complemented with applications in a retro style – e.g. a pressure gauge for the control of the brewing pressure. The machine feature different settings, such as eleven levels for the grind adjustment and the amount of coffee powder or the individual setting of the amount of water per cup. The ease of use is rounded off by the milk-foaming spout, which can be swivelled by 360-degree, the large, removable 2-litre water container and the hotplate for six espresso cups.

+ programmable espresso machine for different coffee specialities
+ compact design of brushed stainless steel and retro accentuations
+ good ease of use with a large variety of settings

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