For excellent sporting results every detail is important. This begins with perfectly sitting, high quality and elastic socks such as the SOXPRO Ultra Light by GEARXPRO. High Performance recycled polyester Newlife Yarn, made from post-consumption plastic bottles collected in Italy do not only make the grip socks ecological, but also light, they only weight 30 grams. The sole of high quality silicon gel arrows and traction strip ensure 100 % grip while doing any kind of sport and the cushion technology covers the sole as well as the heel area that is lift up and the tip that is made thinner to ensure more sensitivity. The sock is also innovatively designed for the right and the left foot and the material provides superior breathability to optimize the air flow.

+ high performance recycled polyester Newlife Yarn
+ 100% grip through high quality silicon gel arrows and traction strip
+ cushion technology covering the whole sole
+ superior breathability

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