Levolan 60 is a new, decently elegant and innovative solution to design manual sliding doors in the interior area with functional lightness and move them without effort. The small fitting dimensions of only 50 x 50 mm – in which all functional elements are integrated – are outstanding. The straight-line design fits every building situation. The fitting system can be easily and comfortably built in without interfering with the frames. The manufacturing of the rollers is maintenance-free and allows an excellent load distribution and nearly completely silent operation. The high quality which secures reliability and a long lifetime is above average. The rollers have been tested with 100,000 function cycles according to DIN EN 1527. The corrosion-protection is Class 3 according to DIN EN 1670 and certified by the German Technical Control Association (TÜV). The GEZE Levolan 60 fittings can be used for manual sliding doors in very different room concepts and of any frame material (glass, wood, plastic, metal) with functional lightness.

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