The new swing door drive GEZE Powerturn shows strengths in many aspects. It opens even large, heavy doors reliably and securely. At the same time, it features a low construction height, seamlessly integrating into any design. Thanks to its high functionality, the automatic drive also allows an easy, manual access of the door. It can be adapted to the individual needs of the building’s users and is comfortable, easy and intuitive in operation. Thanks to the innovative “Smart swing” function of the fully automatic swing door drive GEZE Powerturn, the manual accessibility of the door is child’s play in any situation. This is enabled by the unique mechanism of the energy store. The spring, which guarantees a secure closing of the drive in case of fire, is prestressed once and then kept in this position. Afterwards, this doesn’t need to be moved for any use. Thus, even large, heavy doors such as fire doors with a strong closing spring can be opened manually by nearly anyone without much physical effort required.

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