Smoke switches are needed for the early detection of smoke or the control of a hold-open device of fire doors and are part of smoke and fire protection doors. Now, those doors are not shabbily treated any more from a design perspective. Thus, the new Slimdrive EMD-F/R answers even higher demands for design: the formerly external smoke switch is not located under the covering hood together with the EMD-drive. By integrating the smoke switch, its positioning is clearly defined – the extra space for the smoke switch doesn’t need to be “found” first. EMD-F/R fulfills the requirements for smoke and fire protection doors and comes with a building inspectorate approval as hold-open system. The proven EMD-drive is a low-wear, maintenance-free high performance motor which has been tested in more than 500.000 cycles, thus guaranteeing a reliable operation. The automatic revolving door drive Slimdrive EMD-F/R for single or double panel doors is an optical highlight with a plus of security.

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