If you are looking to place a retro fridge-/freezer combination into your kitchen as a solitary, you should consider the Gorenje ONRK-193 R. With high-quality materials and a respective manufacturing, it cuts a good figure already from the design. The clever solutions below the skin of the the 307 netto volume ONRK-193 R include the separate control of the cooling and freezing segment via an LED touch control display, which elegantly hides behind the upper door. AdaptTech System, that’s the name for Gorenje’s algorithm, which recognizes times and throughput and automatically adapts the cooling temperatures accordingly. For the MultiFlow 360° cooling system, a fan continuously moves the cooling air to quickly reach a steady distribution of all temperatures.

+   Elegant retro design
+   Recognition and automatic adaptation to user’s needs
+   Touch control display for control

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