Gourmetmaxx Thermo-Multikocher 9in1

Kitchen machines with chopping and cooking functions are much in vogue today. The functions of the gourmetmaxx Thermo-Multicooker 9 in 1 propel it straight into the ranks of its competitors, assisted by some useful accessories. Besides its large 2-litre stainless steel container, stainless steel inserts can be used for stirring or chopping. A basket insert is provided for steaming or cooking noodles. A steam-cooking attachment or an intermediate floor attachment is available ex-factory for simultaneously preparing several meals or keeping them warm. With a performance of 1,500 watt, the Thermo-Multicooker 9 in 1 can cook, keep warm, blend, mash, emulsify, beat, chop, steam, boil and even serve as an ice-crusher.

+ 9 in 1 kitchen machine with cooking function
+ Easy to clean
+ Multiple use

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