Grundig Edition 75 Waschtrockner

In contrast to conventional gadgets this Grundig washing dryer works with air and thus provides caring and efficient drying and reduces the water consumption clearly. The Inverter EcoMotor consumes 70% less energy than the best energy efficiency class A+++. The washing dryer offers up to 16 washing and drying programs and can be operated via LC display and sensor buttons. Spin-drying is possible with up to 1,400 revolutions per minute and safety is provided as well: a double-skinned water hose protects from water damage. The water-absorbing material between the two hoses recognizes damages of the inner hose skin immediately and interrupts the water supply.

+ caring and efficient drying using air
+ Inverter EcoMotor
+ up to 16 washing and drying programs
+ Spin-drying up to 1,400 revolutions per minute

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