The Grundig Fine Arts Curved TV sticks out with its design at first glance – offering high quality and ease of use at the same time. The manufacturing of real metal in the form of aluminium proofs the high quality and lays the foundation for the elegant design of the TV. All components are manufactured in a robust way and show their optical as well as haptic quality. The loudspeakers, which are located as a small strip at the lower side of the casing, are slightly set back and located in a casing which is made of milled aluminium. The loudspeaker panel is also made from aluminium real metal. The same material runs as a manufacturing and design element over a slim, circumferential belt around the panel. Thus, the display looks nearly frameless, especially flat and gives a dynamic, but solid look by the slight curve. The stand is made of massive, polished aluminium and lets the panel float optically over itself. The Grundig Fine Arts Curved TV is available in two sizes – 55’’ and 65’’.

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