Grundig TM8280 W

The preparation of tea can be a science of its own. With the Grundig teamaker TM 8280W different kinds of tea can be prepared exactly well, because the brewing temperature and the steeping time can be set in every detail. In addition, the device can be used as kettle, which prepares water to the exact degree, keeping the set temperature up to 60 minutes. The pure tea taste is guaranteed with a material mix of glass and stainless steel. The tea is also said to keep fresh for double the time as with other devices – thanks its Filter Sense technology. The operation works with the LED touch control display at the side. Here, the size and strength of the tea can be set. It also features a timer so that the tea is ready to drink when waking up in the morning.

+ Automatic preparation of teas of all kinds with individual times and emperatures
+ Water kettle with warm-keeping function to the pre-set temperature
+ 1.7 litre volume

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