The new multi-functional inverter welding machine “GIS 200” from Güde combines all four main welding processes (electrode, gas-shielded, filled-wire and TIG welding) in only one machine. All current and future requirements for welding are fulfilled with this machine. The inverter technology which is integrated in all welding processes leads to simply creating best results even for unpractised welders. The additional settings, e.g. seamless setting of the ampere-number, 2 stroke / 4 stroke function, threading help for the welding rod are industry standard. Even when first using it, you can recognize the high quality of the machine. Besides thick materials, it can also be ideally used in the thin sheet metal area, because you can start welding from 10 Ampere onwards. Thanks to the compact, handy built with the low own weight, you are well served at the building site or when doing repairs outside your workshop.

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