HONDA robotic mower family Miimo

Intelligent technologies are used in all areas and simplify life by taking away work. The Miimo family of HONDA robotic mowers is one of those technologies that make everyday life easier. The robotic mower is capable of calculating the size of the garden and, due to its learning ability, creating independent mowing plans to always ensure a well-kept lawn. With a mowing capacity of 400-4000m2, the device family keeps the lawn in pristine condition all year round. With automatic charging, simple handling via smartphone app and a smart timer that incorporates weather service data into the mowing schedule, the Miimo robotic mower family ensures excellent ease of use. Therefore, the product receives the seals of approval for High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality due to design features, facilitated usability and smart technologies.

+ Micro-mulching system
+ Weatherproof
+ Inclusion of weather data in the mowing schedule

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