The HYLA GST is not only a vacuum cleaner, but an Air and room cleaning system that, in which water is the only filter used for this purpose. This Air and room cleaning system filters out the dust that has been vacuumed in a water pan thoroughly, with an almost 100% (percent) accuracy. The worldwide patented HYLA Separator technology separates the dust from the air, making the dust stay in the water and making the purified air come out of the HYLA 99.997% clean and free of house dust. For filtration, regular tape water is enough, as a natural filter, wet dust is trapped into the water and cannot fly away from it. In a reduced power mode (500 Watt), the HYLA can be used as an air cleaner, leaving the air in your home environment free of dust and kind of other allergens. In the maximum power mode (only 850 Watt) and along with its different accessories, the HYLA can be used as a dry and wet vacuum cleaner, it can also clean the windows and different surfaces. The HYLA System lasts, on average, twenty times longer than any conventional vacuum cleaners and air filters; making it also suitable for commercial use (Businesses, Hotels, etc.). The new and improved HYLA EST motor, provides a longer lasting motor lifetime.

+ Air and room cleaning system based on water filtration system
+ Worldwide patented self-cleaning Separator
+ Available in Swarovski and leather editions

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