The new iCoo Acrobat impresses with its unique style, the attention to detail and the trend-oriented design. It is an outstanding fashion companion for everything that makes life better. The iCoo Acrobat doesn’t only feature a glamorous, copper-coloured frame, but also a high level of flexibility and ease of use. The Acrobat can be unlocked with just a few quick motions and folded to minimal size. Thus, it can be comfortably stored in the car or an airplane. At the same time, the extraordinary iCoo Acrobat combines the advantages of a large pram with those of a buggy. In addition, it offers an exclusive leather furnishing, a rain cover and a boot cover. The wheels can be swivelled and locked, the push-bar can be adapted to the parents’ height. The high-quality full PU wheels are special as well: the front wheels are larger than the rear wheels. This results in a comfortable smoothness and good driving characteristics, e.g. in sand or snow.

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