IKG Kältetechnik Q-Box

The discussions about airing rooms during the cold season in order to fight the corona virus could be brought to an end thanks to the Anti Covid Box by IGK Kältetechnik, who offer an alternative to open windows during wintertime. With the help of displacement ventilation, the box enables 100% of fresh air without any open windows. But it is not a typical air filter, that draws in air, filters it and gives it off afterwards. The box provides the room with fresh air that is emitted about 3°C colder from down below and is drawn in upwards through thermal that radiates from bodies, technical equipment or exhaled air (aerosols). This creates an air cycle that prevents mixing of air. The system is quickly installed, structural room chances are not necessary, and it fulfils one hundred percent of the federal guidelines.

+ 100% fresh air without any open windows
+ effective air exchange thanks to displacement ventilation
+ quick installation without structural room changes

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