i:sy - Cargo N3.8 ZR

The Cargo N3.8 ZR cargo bike from i:sy has been awarded the PLUS X AWARD in several categories, highlighting its remarkable qualities. “High Quality” was awarded because this cargo bike is made of high quality materials and meets strict quality standards, which ensures its durability and reliability for transporting loads. “Design” of the Cargo N3.8 ZR was also awarded, as it has an aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful design that not only looks good, but also supports functionality. The “Function” award was given because this cargo bike has versatile features that make transporting goods and loads efficient and comfortable. The “Ergonomics” award highlights the bike’s thoughtful design, which focuses not only on ride comfort, but also on safety and ease of use. Overall, the Cargo N3.8 ZR cargo bike from i:sy is an excellent choice for anyone who values quality, design, functionality and ergonomic aspects in their means of transport.

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