i:sy - Skyfly E5 ZR F

The “Innovation” category was awarded because this eBike is made of high-quality carbon, which represents an innovative lightweight construction and at the same time ensures high strength and durability. “High Quality” was awarded because of the use of carbon and careful workmanship, which makes the eBike a durable and reliable means of transportation. The “Design” of the Skyfly E5 ZR F was awarded because it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also optimizes aerodynamics and functionality, resulting in a harmonious overall appearance. The “Functionality” award highlights the versatile uses of the eBike, which offers both performance and efficiency. Finally, the eBike received the “Ergonomics” award due to its well thought-out design, which ensures maximum comfort and a healthy riding position. Overall, the Skyfly E5 ZR F eBike from i:sy is an outstanding choice for anyone looking for an innovative, high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, functionally versatile and ergonomically designed means of transportation.

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