KANN Verbundplatte Xera Betonplus

The fine and natural composite slab Xera BETONPLUS turns the terrasse into a real favorite spot. Both of the two-color variations, grey-mottled or anthracite-mottled with the softly structured surface, underline this atmosphere perfectly. The slab is obtainable with a thickness of 8 cm and can be used for the private driveway as well as for your terrasse or house entry. Thanks to the easy-care and scratchproof ceramics surface, your exterior design remains stylish for a long time. Furthermore, the slab is resistant to frost and road salt, non-slip as well as easy to clean.

+ color variations grey-mottled or anthracite-mottled
+ 8 cm thick, passable with car
+ easy-care and scratchproof ceramics surface

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