Hybrid drives become more and more popularity, not only because they lower the consumption, but also because they increase the fun of driving. The same is true for the Kia Optima Hybrid. The electric drive contributes 48 hp to the overall power of 177 hp, but even more impressive are the 205 newton metres which are available from standstill onwards and are able to move the luxury vehicle silently. The modern technology is packed in an excellent design; the exterieur has been developed in a cooperation of the design centres in Frankfurt, Germany and Irvine, California. Numerous assistance systems perfect the already abundant equipment, among them a blind spot monitoring and a intersection warning. The latter allows for a secure leaving of diagonal parking spots. When going into reverse, the areas left and right of the car are automatically monitored; the driver is warned when traffic is coming. The system can even detect shopping trolleys, thus preventing critical situations at the outset.

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