The electronic sink valve Zenta E brings the electronic valve into the private bathroom. Its high quality, design, functionality and ecology are key to the valve. The classical design elements circle and square have been harmonically combined in the Zenta E to form a timeless, modern valve. It doesn’t only offer the advantage of taking water without touching the valve, but also the option to individually set or pre-set the temperature of the water. In this case, the temperature lever can be exchanged with a chromed top. The valve is equipped with a high quality soft-closed magnetic vent, which prevents pressure shocks while opening and closing. The Zenta E is available as battery or power supply version. Kludi has also taken ecology into consideration: even at full flow, only five litres of water run through the valve. This protects purse and environment alike. In addition, water only flows if a user is in the range of the sensor. Thanks to the bistable magnetic valve, power is only used while opening and not when the water flows.

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