With the HK i8 glass sensor switches Kopp offers a product range which is innovative, high quality, design oriented and features ease of use as well as functionality. The glass surface can be designed fully individually and is delivered with the respective print. The glass itself is scratchproof, shockproof, robust and hygienic. When built in, the floating optics give the switch its lightness; the straight design with the discreet print adapts to many different environments. The basic form of the switch can be bought with clear or rounded edges – the colour and print can be individually designed. The switching works by touching. The blue illuminated LEDs can be individually used in different variations. Installation is easy thanks to the innovative electronics and glass sensor technology; there is no need for programming. The product range comprises of all different kinds of switches: switch/pushbutton, double switch/pushbutton, dimmer, shutter or blind control and socket.

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