The built-in oven EEB 6650.9JX from Küppersbusch features high quality and design as well as ease of use and functionality. The Küppersbusch individual concept offers several opportunities to adapt to the existing design. The front is available in black or white; for the design elements, the user can choose between seven different colours and materials – even elements, which have been refined using Svarovski crystals. The use of high-end materials such as glass and stainless steel guarantees a long product lifetime. One example is the 3-fold glazed door of the oven, which is made of a completely flat surface without any stamping or embossing. The user controls the over by just one tip of the finger on the back-glass sensors; the electronic system guides the user step-by-step through all settings. The oven offers 13 electronic baking and roasting programmes, which can be chosen by the sensor buttons. In total, 17 functions are available. Cleaning is also easy: Thanks to the new, even softer Enamel-coating, splashes at the interior walls can be removed easily.

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