The Neckline Bag Spine Dye nursing bag from Lässig features high quality, design, ease of use and functionality, while taking care of ecological aspects at the same time. The robust Spin-Dye fabric is the guarantee for quality and ecology at the same time. Due to a new dyeing technology, the material is provided better against fading. The fabric is dyed before spinning in the granulate state. Thus, there is no need for a dye bath, which leads to a reduced consumption of water and energy and causes less fluid waste. The look of the Neckline reminds the bag of a neck holder top. It is kept in the trendy melange colours blue, black and gold. Inside, it has enough space, a removable holder for the baby glass and an also removable, isolated bottle holder. A water-resistant changing pad is part of the delivery as well as a fixture for the pram. The Neckline can be either carried as sling bag or shoulder bag.

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