Leicht Xtend+

The kitchen equipment “Xtend+ Lichtregal” (light shelf) from LEICHT means a completely new orientation of the whole kitchen architecture towards open, illuminated shelfs. Thanks to the harness mechanism integrated in the rack, a nearly complete opening of the face blades is possible. The face blades are operated electrically by the remote control. The shelves, which are illuminated one by one by a wireless power supply, can be adjusted in height. The high quality is visible by the use of wood components with the load-carrying aluminium parts. The shelves are delivered in a completely mounted stated, ready for “plug & play”. The blades in front of the light shelf create a piece of furniture that looks very light; the brushed, anodised aliminium profiles form the contours of the shelf. Opened, it shines as a highlight and living work centre in the kitchen; closed, it gives a quited, well-sorted image by its horizontal lines. All shelves are easy to access and use, because the fronts open up the whole useable space and retract upwards out of the gripping area.

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