LEKI - Hemp One Vario

The trekking poles Hemp One Vario by LEKI were honored by PLUS X AWARD with the awards Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Ecology, because they use innovative materials and technologies in their construction, using hemp fibers as a sustainable alternative. The first-class workmanship and high-quality materials ensure a long life and robustness of the trekking poles. The appealing design combines aesthetics and functionality, making them not only effective for trekking but also stylish outdoor accessories. The ease of use is ensured by user-friendly handling and ergonomic handles, which allows for comfortable and effortless hiking. The use of hemp fiber as an eco-friendly alternative takes ecology into account and contributes to sustainability, making the Hemp One Vario trekking poles an outstanding choice for environmentally conscious outdoor enthusiasts.

+ outstanding choice for environmentally conscious outdoor enthusiasts.
+ long life and robustness
+ ergonomic handles

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