Lewens Murano Integrale ZIP

The Murano Integrale ZIP is one of the first systems where a ZIP screen awning is integrated in a glass roof. Various factors, for example a crooked wall, an uneven ground plane and variations in the dimensions of the screen awning were taken into account whilst designing the Murano Integrale ZIP. The system can be ordered with integrated LED lights in the horizontal girders to create a cozy ambiance at night. Additional parts can also be attached to the glass roof system, for example vertical glass panels or sliding doors. These aspects make the Murano Integrale ZIP a very modular design. The Murano Integrale ZIP is plug and play, which means once the system is installed it just needs to be plugged into an electricity socket and will function as promised. The screen awning can be opened and closed by simply using a remote.

+ ZIP screen awning integrated in a glass roof
+ modular design
+ plug and play installation

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