Over 60 years of experience and specialisation have gone into developing the four fridge/freezer combinations of the Liebherr BluPerformance range. The 4-star refrigerators have all been awarded A+++/-20% efficiency classification. This is also demonstrated by the effective utilisation of their 271 to 361 litres total capacity, since the entire technology is housed in the base. However, the special highlights are the elegant design and the innovative control via a seven-inch touchscreen. From normal operation to the party (extra-fast cooling) and holiday programmes (fridge section 15° C, normal freezer operation), a wide variety of operating modes can be defined via the display. And if the user isn’t sure how to store a particular item – the touchscreen will solve that problem too

+   Control and programming via 7-inch touchscreen
+   Refrigeration technology housed in the base for optimum space utilisation
+   Low energy consumption and very quiet operation

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