Logoclic Aqua Splash flooring consists of a sturdy, plasticizer-free base with high-resolution digital print and a textured, elastic acrylate polymer surface. Its wear rating of 34 is achieved through very high bond strength and a sturdy acrylate surface which is pleasant to the touch. The natural wood or stone reproductions stand out through their variety and authentic look. So, on an area of 20 square metres there will not be any pattern repetition on the planks. TopClic interlocking ensures safe connections at the end of the planks. Logoclic Aqua Splash is suitable for kitchen and bathrooms as well as for any other domestic areas. Each packing unit weighs less than 20kgs which makes it easy to handle. The material can be disposed of easily: it is 100 per cent recyclable and its granulate can be used for many different applications.

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