The decentral fan “ego” from LUNOS has been developed for functional rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens or toilets. The ego makes use of the regenerative heat exchange principle. A storage element with a honey combed canal structure re-loads with the warmth energy of the air (just like a battery does) and releases this to the supplied outside air. The special thing about the ego is the fact that two ventilators in a 160 mm tube take care of aeration and de-aeration, using the same ceramic warmth storage. Thus, the ego is the smallest fan on the market which is equally suitable for new building and renovation. With its very small power consumption of 1.0 to 4.9 W, the ego is very energy efficient, providing an active contribution to the protection of the environment. The ego can be set to four different ventilation stages in the heat recovery mode; this can be done manually or via a sensor. In the same way, the fan can be switched into an exhaust air mode, which creates a very high volume flow of 45 m³/h, to supply fresh air quickly into a room, e.g. to remove smell or humidity.

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