Lux S115

Stylish looks, easy handling and a sophisticated filter system characterise the Lux S115, a household vacuum cleaner which is also a boon for allergy sufferers. Among its operating features, its suction-power control deserves a special mention. Besides a simple manual control on the cleaner and on the handle of the suction tube, an IPC (Intelligent Power control) mode automatically adapts the machine to the floor surface if desired. This also covers the working method of the motor brush. The current suction performance is shown on a LED display. A filter system comprising a dust bag, a HEPA permanent filter, an active carbon filter and a HEPA 13 filter ensures the removal of 99.97 percent of all dust particles and allergens from the ingested air.
+   Stylish design
+   Simple control on handle
+   Suitable for allergy sufferers due to HEPA H13 filter

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