If there is enough space available in the dashboard, a Moniceiver such as the Mac Audio Mac 420 is the right option. With its four times 40 W, the touch screen device in the double-DIN-slot brings music and videos from DVD, CD, SD-card, FM radio (optionally DAB+ with an extra device) to the ears. Additionally, it can recognize up to five mobile phones or smart phones if they have been connected once before. Then, the Moniceiver serves as hands-free for these phones. The large display can mirror the screen of a smart phone, e.g. also showing a navigation App – which means that the Mac 420 doesn’t need an own navigation application, always guaranteeing the card and traffic data are up to the latest availability.

+   6.5 inch (1.8 cm) large wide screen in double-DIN casing
+   Steering wheel remote control with an adapter
+   Smart phone integration by display mirroring

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