The LZR 980 is the top model in the ear phone series from Magnat, representing this at first glance by ist exclusive design. The casing has been designed by the Italian design house Pininfarina; it is timeless, but nevertheless at the top of the trend. A high recognition factor in combination with a selected mix of materials makes every use of the LZR 980 fun. The elegant outside is the adequate packaging for the high-tech interior, because the acoustic transducer in the inside have been optimized using latest laser measuring technology. Thus, all parts could be ideally adapted to each other already in the construction. The result is an earphone with highest resolution and ideal coordination which fits to every kind of music. Thanks to the excellent wearing comfort and acoustics, long sessions are no problem at all, rather the contrary. The LZR 980 is available in a highly elegant version in pearly white high-gloss varnish or in a masculine rubber paint black.

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