The top model column speaker of the new Quantum series defines the acoustic possibilities. In a 3-way construction with two 200 mm large subwoofers it delivers an impressive bass fundament down to lowest frequencies. The outstanding acoustic quality is created by the components used: Tweeter baskets made of aluminium pressure die-casting, Kapton voice coil carriers and dustcaps which have been constructed into the radiation characteristics open up the complete sound potential of the midrange speakers and subwoofers. The tweeter features an extremely light membrane made of semi-crystalline polymer. The interaction of all chassis is coordinated by elaborate, acoustically decoupled frequency crossovers with cabling from the german experts at Oehlbach. The casings are built extremely robust and with a low vibration level, defining the classical, timeless design of the Quantum series at the same time. The overall qualities make the Quantum an investment into a musical future.

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