Matrix Fitness – Magnum VRS Plattform

Matrix Fitness’ Magnum VRS Platform product has been recognized in the Innovation and High Quality categories for providing an innovative solution to the challenges that can arise when training with free weights. Many exercisers and operators choose not to train with free weights because of the noise and vibration that can occur when weights bounce, causing damage to the floor and equipment. The Magnum VRS platform with “Vibration Reduction System” offers a special multi-layer construction that reduces noise by 21% and recoil by a full 67%. This protects the floor, weight plates and barbells, and the ears of members or neighbors.

With the ability to integrate VRS platform sets with existing Magnum platforms, the product offers a flexible and cost-effective way to make free weight workouts quieter and more effective. In summary, the “Magnum VRS Platform” is an innovative and high-quality product that addresses the needs of exercisers and operators alike and is an ideal solution for fitness clubs and studios looking to offer free weights training.

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