Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer

The treadmill S-Drive Performance Trainer from Matrix convinces as an innovation with high quality, design, ease of use and functionality. The S-Drive Performance Trainer is able to train power, endurance and speed at the same time. It is also suitable for rehabilitation sports. Sportspeople can run forward, backwards or sideways on the treadmill. A load stop, a dynamic brake and an integrated Sled-Push handle simulate different training activities in one device. This gives the S-Drive Performance Trainer a high flexibility, e.g. also for group trainings. The integrated power speed resistor can be adapted in height and length and creates additional security. As a self-running device, the treadmill can be freely placed without any need for a power connection. The design of the S-Drive Performance Trainer represents its dynamics and is at the same time reduced to the most important elements. With its elements of contrasting colour, the treadmill also is an optical highlight in every studio.

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