There are nearly no higher requirements than those of gamers. For this target group, the Medion Erazer X57 has been developed, which fulfills all requirements for performance, space, usability and styling up to the point. Even with its elegant exterior it sets itself apart from the often colorfully blinking gaming towers. Besides graphics cards from Nvidia or AMD, Medion counts on Intel’s Core i5 or Core i7 and has already provided a quiet and efficient water cooling for the use of the high-performance processors. 32 GB RAM are the limit. The hard disk drive space ranges up to six terabyte, which are hot-swappable. For the Erazer X57, Medion offers SSDs up to 512 GB as well as Blu-ray/DVD or CD burner. If needed, this Gaming PC can also be connected to the internet via WLAN or send data to mobile devices via Bluetooth 4.0.


+ Elegant Gaming PC
+ Hot-swappable disk drives
+ Ideal air circulation for high-performance hardware

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