Medisana Sleepwell SP100

Who does not prefer falling into a deep, long and relaxing sleep? Medisana’s SP 100 SleepWell pillow is a great helper. Not only is it made of practical shape-memory polymer, it also comes with integrated loud speakers and a music system that can play relaxing music if you want to. The Sleep Genius Music programme controls your sleep and helps you to fall asleep more quickly. With dimensions of 57.5 x 38 x 12.5 cm the pillow is large enough for every sleeping position. If you want to add your own music to the pre-programmed relaxation music, you can import it via USB-port, which you can also use to charge the pillow, or go via Bluetooth. The pillow also offers a possibility to plug in headphones.

+ shape-memory polymer
+ integrated loud speakers and pre-loaded relaxation music
+ USB- and headphone plugs as well as Bluetooth functions
+ queen size

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