Melitta Latte Select

With Latte Select, Melitta offers coffee delight with only one touch. The intuitive control panel with colourfast and photorealistic pictures of the beverages integrates perfectly into the modern, timeless and reduced design with its anti-scratch dripping pan which reduces scratches on the high-quality SST surface or with a rotary switch for an easy use. Save up to six “My Coffee” profiles for individual beverage options and be pleased with 12 recipes, next to classics such as Espresso, Café Crema or Latte Macchiato, you will also find Café Lungo, Americano or Espresso Macchiato. Also, with its energy consumption (A label) a low energy mode, a zero-Watt switch as well as noise reducing beverage preparation, Melitta’s Latte Select captivates every coffee lover.

+ intuitive touch control panel with photorealistic pictures
+ modern, timeless design
+ “My Coffee” profiles
+ low energy mode and noise reducing preparation

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