Cooking everywhere with MIJI Star 3 Twist induction hob. It is easy to handle and can be used in any room as well as outdoors. It comes with an easy to handle touch control panel with direct and sliding functions as well as power stages from 0 to 9 and is equipped with a glass-ceramics hotplate made by Schott Ceran that is unbreakable and arsenic-free. Fire-retardant synthetic material of the inner casing and an automatic shut-off provide a safe use. Besides this, a Twin Engine-technology enables a permanent movement inside the cooking pot and a variety of design colours for the outer case are available so that the Star 3 Twist hob always cuts a good figure.

+ applicable everywhere
+ clear and simple touch control panel
+ unbreakable and arsenic-free glass-ceramics hotplate
+ Fire-retardant synthetic material of the inner casing

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