The MULTIKON® has been developed as a true allrounder for a large number of tasks which need to be done in maintaining plots of land, gardens, lawns and paths. Its basis is a powerful lawnmower which can easily, quickly and safely be converted for different use. The MULTIKON® is compact, manoeuvrable, starts fast, is easy to use and needs only little space for storing and transport. Compared to its broad range of usage, it offers an excellent value for money. With each newly developed accessory, its range of applications for every time of the year grows. The MULTIKON® clears up snow up to 15 cm moving it to the right or left side just as you choose. In the same work cycle, it brushes the area below free from snow and ice. The MULTIKON® street sweeper brushes pathways, paved and asphalted areas. If need be, the 1.5 kW generator of the MULTIKON® also serves as emergency power generator and provides 230 V and 6.4 A load current in permanent operation.

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