The Nissan Leaf is one of the first fully electric cars. By now, the full-fledged five seater has been sold more than 200,000 times. In autumn 2015, it received an update, which now also features a 30 kWh battery, which creates a reach of up to 250 km with one charging. At the same time, the Leaf looks like a normal car, not like a experiment or a saving car reduced in its use value. The same is true for the interior. The intelligent key function automatically opens the door on approach, a monitor offers a 360-degree panoramic view, a smart phone can be connected to Nissan Connect via Bluetooth, giving access to a lot of car data. Four different driving modes are available and a Bose Entertainment system creates the right entertainment. The solar spoiler in the rear provides additional energy to another 12 V battery, and a heat pump adds up to the long reach.

+  Full-fledged five seater
+  30 kWh battery for a reach of up to 250 km – best in class
+  Connectivity with a smart phone with the Nissan Connect App

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