Novis Vita Juicer

No, the Novis Vita Juicer is neither a simple juice extractor, nor an ordinary citrus reamer, nor is it just another blender. This solidly moulded device is a multi-function appliance that performs all these functions in its own special way. That includes minor details such as the “Drophold” drip stopper, consisting of a simple fold-out mechanism. The citrus reamer extracts every last fibre from the skin of each fruit. If desired, it suspends the fibres in a centrifuge, or its blades chop them smaller and add them to the juice – just as the user prefers. The same functions are applied to all other fruits, which are reamed out through a standard attachment. All drinks can be prepared this way, ranging from simple apple juice to complicated (also green) smoothies. The dismantled components can be quickly popped into a dish washer for cleaning.

+ Multi-function device for all kinds of juices and smoothies
+ Overflow stopper
+ Solidly moulded appliance

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