Novy Easy

A downdraft fan of the upper class. The Novy Easy! With a width of 80 cm, the elegant hob offers plenty of space for the four square cooking zones, which are arranged around the centrally positioned extractor hood. Its existence is only betrayed by the elegant black grille. The powerful yet very quiet extractor starts automatically if desired and removes cooking vapors with ease. Intuitive cooking is a top priority at Novy Easy. A large number of useful automatic functions have been integrated for this purpose. It starts with the pan detection, which, if desired, starts the extractor at the same time. Once started, the hob fan controls itself as it automatically adjusts its output to the cooking process. Anyone who cooks with the Novy Easy can therefore fully concentrate on the four large cooking zones, each with a maximum power of 3,000 watts.

+ Elegant finish
+ Exceptionally quiet
+ Sophisticated design
+ Consistent usability
+ Rapid removal of cooking fumes
+ Easiest cleaning

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