Nubert nuBoxx

The Nubert nuBoxx loudspeaker is a floorstander, which fulfils highest requirements. The slim casing with the relatively low building height hides a two and a half-way principle for deep basses and detailed hights. Thanks to its 35-hertz cutoff frequency, the nuBoxx B-60 also delivers the appropriate cinema sound at home without needing a subwoofer. The design is created by the slim form, the clear lines and the flat base. The nuBoxx features a 26-mm tweeter and two 150-mm bass-midrange drivers. The newly designed silk calotte rounds of the audition field to the top. The loudspeaker can be used as front speaker for the home cinema or as stereo speaker as part of the music system.

+ floorstander loudspeaker with low building height
+ elegant sound sculpture
+ 220 W continuous load

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